What Makes Aqua ProPura Special

  • Activated carbon granulesfor removal of organic compounds, dust, sediments, color, odor.

  • Ion-Exchange filter for chlorine and hardness removal.

  • UF Filter for removal of heavy metal, bacteria and microbiological impurities.

  • Compatible with IS-10500 drinking water standards if input water is low TDS municipal water.

  • Safe slide-opening to prevent entry of airborne pollutants.

  • Electronic Filter-life Indicator

  • DIY solution, easily assembled in less than 10 minutes.

  • No mixing of input water and purified water.

  • Food- grade SAN#plastic.

How Aqua ProPura Works

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User-Friendly Installation


Please do not filter hot water Feeding water temperature: 5~ 38ºC


Tighten by turning in a clockwise direction


Install only the composite filter cartridge,and rinse it using water twice until all carbon powder is released


Submerge for 20 minutes

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