Office Air Purifiers

Offices are indoor spaces and in general have a lot of human activity. Multiple indoor air quality issues are linked to improperly operated and maintained HVAC systems, overcrowding, radon, moisture incursion and dampness. Presence of outside air pollutants, and the presence of internally generated contaminants such as use of cleaning and disinfecting supplies and aerosol products, off-gassing from materials in the building, and use of mechanical equipment also causes office air pollution.

All these combined, can have an adverse effect on the health of office goers over a period of time. Installing an office air purifier can be a good choice. Honeywell office air purifiers with a high clean air delivery rate offer comprehensive protection from indoor air pollution.


Patented Technology that makes the difference

Technology behind the product

The unique difference in Honeywell air purifiers is the patented HiSiv technology. Powered with a honeycomb design and molecular sieves with activating agents, this technology adsorbs harmful gases, without taking away much needed moisture from the air. According to GB/T 18801 standard, it delivers formaldehyde purification efficiency >99% in a 30 cubic meter chamber. Experience the power of HiSiv technology with Honeywell’s Air Touch range of air purifiers.

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