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This winter beat pollution with air purifiers

APR 01, 2016


This winter beat pollution with air purifiers

t has been over a month since we last saw the blue sky in Delhi. The amount of pollution is such that even at noon, the capital of India looks all wrapped in smog. Worse, it not only makes the city seem hideous and ghastly, the dirty and pollution-laden air is a serious health hazard.

Now, there are no shortcuts to deal with the ridiculously high-level of pollution. It is a health emergency and unless drastic (and big) measures are not taken by the government in earnest, it is only going to get worse. But as an individual, you can take a look at the air purifiers for temporary relief, at least indoors. Unlike smartphones or televisions, where it is easy to see what you are getting, shopping for an air purifier is not easy. So, if you are thinking of buying an purifier but aren't sure about what it can do and which ones you should consider, here is a handy guide for you.