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Air purifiers: Filter out airborne hazards

Nov 12 2015. 09 01 AM IST


Air purifiers: Filter out airborne hazards

You can’t do much about the polluted air outside, but you can breathe a little cleaner air in your home. Here are some air purifiers that can help.

Clean air is in short supply, thanks to all the unseen particulate matter floating around. According to data released recently by the Central Pollution Control Board, Delhi is in the “severe” pollution category, while Chandigarh has alarmingly high levels of particulate matter. The situation is pretty similar in many other parts of the country.

Now that winter is setting in, cooler air closer to the ground level traps smoke and other particulates, worsening air quality. The smoke from Diwali firecrackers will remain suspended in the air longer; smog conditions in certain parts of north India are already making it difficult for people to breathe. And, unfortunately, the situation isn’t much better indoors.