Home Air Purifiers

Homes in metro cities can become polluted by both outdoor and indoor air pollutants. Furthermore, due to lack of proper ventilation, this can result in the indoor air becoming up to 10 times more polluted than outside air. The common pollutants found inside homes are dust, pollen, pet hair, and animal dander, but homes can also have harmful substances such as smoke, formaldehydes, and VOCs. These pollutants can have an adverse effect on your family's health. To counter these harmful airborne substances, you can buy a home air purifier.

Honeywell Home Air Purifiers use the safe and effective passive air filtration technology. Our products are 100% ozone free, and have a multi stage filtration process that includes HEPA and patented HiSiv technology. With no sharp edges, an anti-fall design and zero exposure to filters, our products are completely child safe. We have wide range of products that cater to room sizes up to 1000 sq. ft.

Patented Technology that makes the difference.

Technology behind the product

The unique difference in Honeywell air purifiers is the patented HiSiv technology. Powered with a honeycomb design and molecular sieves with activating agents, this technology adsorbs harmful gases, without taking away much needed moisture from the air. According to GB/T 18801 standard, it delivers formaldehyde purification efficiency >99% in a 30 cubic meter chamber. Experience the power of HiSiv technology with Honeywell’s Air Touch range of air purifiers.

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