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Wide range of products
to suit your needs

  • Citric
    The Shh... Switch.

    Premium Noise -free Switches By Honeywell MK.

  • Wraparound

    Most trusted &
    Reliable Range

  • Blenze Plus

    Lean and clean range of flat modular switches with optional anti bacterial technology

  • Midas

    Add beauty to your walls

  • Elements

    Turn on your imagination

Terms and Conditions


1. We provide customized replacement of your old electrical fittings from world class products from MK, Honeywell.

2. Our personal shall be in touch with you shortly.

3. We shall seek your appointment to inspect the site as per your convenience.

4. Our authorized personal shall come along with catalogue and samples to seek your choice.

5. After inspection, we will share the approximate cost of job work.

6. After getting confirmation from your side and on receipt of 50% advance payment, the job work will start.

7. After finishing of the site work as per your satisfaction, the rest of the payment shall be collected from the customer.