Electrical Products

key features

  • 4 effects and 16 finishes

    Inspired by the nature, Elements gives you limitless possibilities to customize your home.

  • Great User Experience

    Engineered to give the user best user experience, you can trust Elements swtiches and sockets to give you best aesthetics with function.

  • function

    The functional aspects of the products are engineered to surprise the user with charm, intuitiveness and ease of use.

our materials

The Elements range leverages the aesthetics of any space, with timeless material, textures inspired from fine art and previously unreached levels of attention to detail. While designed with striking looks, the Elements range is also engineered to enhance the user experience.

  • Synthetics

    The effortless perfection of the Elements Synthetics finishes provide a stunning simplicity to complement any setting.

  • Glass Effect

    Smooth, gleaming and glossy, the Elements Glass Effect plate comes with an engineering innovation of Grade 6 scratchproof coating, to ensure a memorable impression even after years of use.

  • Metallics

    Combining muted tones, superior styling and unmatched metallic strength, the exclusive allure of Satin Platinum and Satin Titanium bring a harmonious accompaniment to every contemporary surrounding.

  • Naturals

    Natural finish draws inspiration from nature's inexhaustible sources of beauty. The finish blends simplicity with exquisite materials, to bring in the contemporary style.

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