Electrical Products

switches, sockets & accessories

It is not just a switch, it is an extension of your personality brought alive by how well they gel with a commercial or residential space.
Honeywell brings to you a wide variety to suit different needs.

  • Citric

    Switch on simplicity.

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  • Wraparound

    Most trusted & reliable range.

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  • Blenze Plus

    Flat-ter yourself with Lean & Clean switches.

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  • Midas

    Add beauty to your wall.

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  • Elements

    Turn on your imagination.

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circuit protection


The All In One Sentry - Most power packed circuit protection devices in the market

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Cable Management System

Cable Management System ensures ease of installation, customisation, flexibility, efficiency and safety; all, fundamental to the
distribution of power, data and telecom cables.

  • Wall Application

    Allowing easy access of electrical components spread over a wall, these cable management systems help in spreading work stations over the floor.

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  • Floor Based Application

    Honeywell MK Underfloor Cable Management Systems comprises four basic groups of equipment which can be used together to provide the desired under floor configuration: Underfloor Access Outlets, Underfloor M-Traks, Underfloor Cross Overs and Underfloor Vertical Access Units.

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