Electrical Products

High Recessed Access Outlet Box & Crossover Box


    • Superior load bearing performance of upto 2.5 tons on the trap lid, ensures that the product can withstand heavy objects like cabinets, trolleys, cherry pickers and even automobiles in a showroom
    • These floor boxes are adaptable to any floor finish with height adjusting stainless steel leveling screws. There is a provision of 20mm from 90mm minimum to 110mm maximum for plug top clearance
    • Gaskets are provided on the trap frame edges of these floor boxes to prevent any concrete seepage or water from entering in the box
    • These floor boxes are designed for use with stone floors. The lid recess comes with 2 0 mm space for accommodating any hard flooring
    • Double grommet openings with cushions for connecting the output cables to the wiring accessories