Electrical Products

Access Outlet


    • Honeywell MK ESB 250 Access Outlets are made of very high quality materials to withstand heavy load and corrosion
    • The trap frame and trap are made of flame retardant ABS and Polyamide ratchet for strength and durability
    • The trap frame is designed for quick installation and leveling with patented screwless ratchet bar level adjustment system for self adjustment to any floor finish thickness
    • Trap frame can be easily removed by pulling either one of the nylon bar to detach and remove the unit for servicing or installation of accessories to save installation and servicing time
    • Trap lid is a screw less knob hinged design for quick mounting onto the frame requiring minimum maintenance
    • Trap cover is reinforced with a 2.5 mm thick pre-galvanized steel plate to provide rigidity and added strength
    • Cables are guided by cable retainers through generous cable outlet which open automatically and lock into position when cable are present
    • Cables emerging from Service Boxes shall be protected against damage by means of Cable Exit Grommets