Confused between buying an air cooler with honeycomb cooling pads and another with Aspen wood wool pads? Check out our thorough review of both types of air cooler cooling pads to make the right choice.

Both types of cooling pads essentially perform the same function in an air cooler i.e. to provide evaporative air cooling. If you are new to our blog, read how evaporative air cooling works to know more. But the main differentiation between the two is that of durability, maintenance cost, materials used and cooling efficiency.

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Let’s start with every consumer’s first concern when buying an air cooler – cooling efficiency.


Honeycomb cooling pads provide better cooling

Aspen wood wool cooling media does not retain much water. The incoming air is cooled only through evaporation of water on the wet wool and the water flowing down into the cooler’s tank. In comparison, honeycomb air cooler pads are made from composite materials and feature a design similar to a honey bee hive. Due to this, honeycomb cooling pads can retain water just like a hive contains honey. So, when the hot air is pulled through the pads, it is cooled down faster due to the water retained in the chambers of the cooling media.

However, in both cases, the quality of the cooling media also matters. High-quality honeycomb cooling pads will definitely provide better cooling than the highest quality wood wool cooling pads, but buying low-quality cooling media of either type will mean a drop in the cooling efficiency. While you can purchase wood wool pads locally, the best honeycomb cooling pads are only available from brands like Honeywell and can be purchased from authorised dealers or through e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart.


Durability and maintenance of air cooler cooling pads

A typical Aspen wood wool pad will need replacement after a single season, but extensive use – like in a shop or hospitality establishment – may require two or three changes per season as well. On the other hand, honeycomb cooling pads, once installed, will provide cooling for 3-5 years before needing replacement.

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As noted above, in terms of maintenance, wood wool cooling pads are not reusable after seasonal use but you can wash away minerals and debris from honeycomb cooling pads to maintain their cooling efficiency. Gentle washing with a garden hose from time to time does the trick.

So, these are the main differences between the two types of air cooler pads. In terms of cost, initially, the honeycomb cooling pads are a bit costlier than wood wool pads. But when you consider the long lifetime of honeycomb cooling pads and the frequent replacement required by wood wool pads side-by-side, the overall cost evens out.

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