We are aware of the health concerns arising from air pollution and the universal movement surrounding climate change. Still, most of the times we do not realize the threat of air pollution as readily as we should. The primary reason behind it is the invisibility of this threat to our life and well-being.

Here is,

Why we should become more Pro-active against Environmental Pollution?

A Health Hazard for Humans and Animals

The most apparent effect of pollution is the health issues caused by air and water pollution. Both humans and animals are affected by the increasing levels of environmental pollution. For example, in cities like Delhi and Bangalore, the number of asthmatic individual has been on a rise for several years now. Chronic heart and lung diseases are not uncommon and even household pets are suffering from pollution related diseases.

Change in Natural Cycle of Seasons

The preset natural cycle of seasons which had carried on for thousands of years, is also threatened. Summers are warmer and longer while winters are getting shorter but harsher. This has led to crop failures all over the globe. Furthermore, the use of electricity for air-conditioning and heating is increasing due to the changing climate, leading to even more stress on the environmental resources.

Defects in the Anatomy of New Born

The effect of environmental pollution is not limited to health issues in the current generation but is also affecting new born. It’s a very grave threat to the future of the human society as a whole. These anomalies are also affecting animals and plant species, causing premature mutations and newer forms of diseases.

A Concern for the Well-being of Future Generations

Pollution also puts the future socio-economic conditions into question. The scarcity of essential resources such as clean water and air, may affect generations to come if we do not begin tackling the menace right now. Moreover, the economic cost of combating pollution is also going to rise in the future, putting the prosperity of the next generation at risk.

Therefore, it is important that we make efforts to combat all forms of pollution with pro-active contribution. Investing in technologies such as home air purifiers, water filtration products and smart lights will also have a veritable effect on your health. Investing in these technologies will also reduce your carbon footprint and help preserve the environment.

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