Indoor air quality has become a subject of study and concern for public health worldwide. Many researchers are studying the harmful effects of breathing in polluted air for extended periods of time. For instance, air inside offices gets easily polluted due to a number of factors:

  • Infusion of fine dust and pollutants in the ambient air due to higher human activity.
  • Extensive use of carpeting and soft boards which can retain a very large amount of air pollutants.
  • Office equipment such as computers and printers which are generally responsible for the release of harmful chemicals (for e.g. Formaldehydes).
  • Use of adhesives and paints in office furnishings and panelings.

These air pollutants can cause a range of health issues for the employees,

such as;

Decreased Mental Awareness:Research has found out that fine dust particles can reach the human brain by mixing in to the bloodstream through the respiratory system. These particles can then induce lethargy in the people who work in closed offices.

Respiratory Problems: The polluted indoor air puts a constant pressure on the respiratory system of the employees, resulting in respiratory ailments and allergies. Furthermore, the polluted air can worsen existing respiratory conditions such as asthma for an office goer.

Heart Diseases:As the pollutants that enter the bloodstream pass through the human heart, they might also give rise to heart problems.

Premature Ageing:Researchers have also linked air pollution to premature ageing of body and mind, especially in the elderly. So, unclean air inside an office space may have particular harmful effects on the health of senior employees.

Buying an Office Air Purifier

Office air filtration products from Honywell pass the ambient air through specially designed filters to remove more 99% air pollutants. For example; Honeywell Air Touch i8 air purifier use a 3-stage air filtration process to ensure maximum protection from indoor air pollution.

  • A pre-filter removes larger dust particles from the air. It also helps in increasing the life of the other filters by trapping most of the dust and hair particles that might clog them. The pre-filter is washable.
  • The HEPA filter is an internationally accepted technologyfor the removal of fine dust particles, also know as Particulate Matter (e.g. PM10 and PM2.5). These are generally the most harmful type of air pollutants affecting public health.
  • Finally, the patented HiSiv filter has a honeycomb design which makes it more efficient in trapping gaseous elements and volatile organic compounds which cause odours and at times a nauseous feeling in people.

You can easily buy air purifiers for office online and offline nowadays. Honeywell air purifiers are available from all popular e-commerce websites and at Croma retail stores countrywide.

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