Indoor air pollution is one of the leading causes of health issues in the Indian sub-continent. The deteriorating air quality inside homes is mostly affecting women and children as they spend most of their time indoors. In urban city centers the problem is made severe by pollutants in vehicular exhaust and industrial emissions. These hazardous particles can stay indoors for a long period of time if there is lack of ventilation. However, air quality gets deteriorated due to sources of pollution inside our homes as well.

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These are The Sources of Pollution Inside Your Home:

Carpeting material

Carpets are very common in Indian homes and offices. The volatile organic compounds can get captured in the carpet materials which can cause bacterial growth and foul odor.

Electronic products and certain plastics

Products that use plastic made from polyvinyl chloride are susceptible to phthalates emissions, which are known to cause hormonal dysfunction. Therefore, it is advisable to vacuum clean the area where such products are kept.

Kitchen equipment

Cooking equipment like gas stove can produce carbon monoxide as a by-product. Carbon monoxide is a primary cause for headaches and sustained fatigue. Another by-product that gets generated during cooking is nitrogen dioxide, which causes respiratory problems and inflammation in the eyes, nose or throat.

Freshly painted walls

Paints emit chemical fumes upon drying (the smell found in newly painted homes), that contain VOCs which are a major cause of headaches and nausea.

The adhesive used in furnishings

Formaldehyde is released by certain adhesives used for binding furniture and wall panelings. It is a known carcinogen and can cause several kinds of allergic reactions.

Pet Dander / Dusting / Incense Sticks

Especially true for Indian homes, these pollutants which can cause a feeling of discomfort or trigger allergic reactions such as asthma and respiratory problems.

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Broken CFLs and Tubelights

Compact fluorescent lights are used in almost every city home these days. Accidentally broken CFLs emit mercury – a kind of neurotoxin – in very small amounts.

Pesticides/ Disinfectants/ Cleaning Agents

The chemicals we use to kill household insects and fungal growth also causes air pollution if the room or the house is not ventilated properly after use. The chemicals can stay airborne and cause a number of allergies, especially affecting eyes, nose, and throat.

Environmental Tobacco Smoke

Chemicals and smoke particles released in the air by smoking cigars and cigarettes remain in the air for a long time. We are aware of the health hazards caused by smoking, but ETS is something equally dangerous for health and can cause heart diseases and respiratory ailments.

Air purifiers for home and office

While proper ventilation can help in improving the quality of indoor air quality to an extent, at the same time changing lifestyles &rising levels of pollution in metro cities implies that using an indoor air purifier could be a good option to tackle it. Honeywell air purifiers provide the best in class passive technology with a 3 Stage filtration. The products are also efficient in terms of noise levels and energy consumption. To know more about Honeywell air purifiers for homes and offices, visit our website.


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