Ventilation is one of the best ways to keep your home cooler during summers. The stuffy indoor heat often becomes unbearable and can also make indoor cooling solutions ineffective if not vented properly. Here are some of the ways you can ensure cross-ventilation in your home during summers.

If You Live in an Apartment

In metro cities, most people are living in flats or apartment complexes. These homes are designed for maximum utilization of the space and generally have a main balcony and a kitchen balcony. You can ensure air movement through your house by opening the doors and windows during early morning hours and after sunset. It will replace the hot indoor air with relatively cooler air from outside and remove that stuffy feeling we often get in closed homes on hot days.

If You Live in a Row-House/Builder Floor

For those living in colonies, it would take a little more effort to ventilate the home because of the cramped setting of most gated communities. Installing a few exhaust fans and running them with gates and windows open during early hours of the morning will help in getting rid of the indoor heat buildups. Also, you can get some indoor plants like the Areca Palm Tree, Ficus Tree, Fern and Golden Pothos to regulate the temperature.

Use an Indoor Air Cooler

A cool throw of air can push out the warmth from your home and what is better than a cooler when you need to cool a large indoor or outdoor area. Air coolers have a more powerful fan that can help in faster ventilation for both flats and houses. Placing the cooler near an open door or window ensures better cooling as it gets hot air from outside and converts it into cool air without increasing humidity.

Coolers are also energy efficient and use a natural process for cooling in comparison to power hogging ACs. Modern coolers with honeycomb cooling media that use less water while providing better cooling. Also, these coolers come with remote control functionality and other nifty features that make them a delightful smart home product. If you are thinking of replacing your old desert cooler, you can have a look at new air cooler models from Honeywell here.

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