Portability is one of the defining features of modern devices. As we move towards a more mobile lifestyle, portability of a device can make the difference in our buying choices. Take mobile phones and computers for example, almost every iteration is slimmer and lighter than the outgoing models.

Air purifiers have become a popular smart home product around the globe. Indian home owners are also embracing this technology as the country becomes aware about the hazards of air pollution. The spike in air pollution levels during winters has prompted many home owners to experiment with home air filtration technologies.

Having a portable air purifier for home or office has its own benefits

such as:

  • If you have bought your first air purifier, you might want to experiment a bit by placing it in one room or another. A portable air purifier allows you to test the effectiveness of an air purifier extensively, before you invest more in the technology for another unit for a separate room.
  • The placement of an air purifier is also very important for the device to work efficiently. If the air purifier is not working as expected, changing its position or placement might help improve the performance. Opposed to this, a heavy or fixed air filtration solution might lead to a host of installation problems.
  • Portable air purifiers are also easy to maintain as they can be easily shifted around for maintenance related tasks such as filter replacement.
  • Portable air purifiers also have a lighter and edgeless design which makes them safer if you have children or toddlers at home.


Honeywell offers the best air purifiers in India. The brand is known globally for the quality of its smart home products. Also, Honeywell air purifiers use the HEPA technology instead of air ionisation which makes them way safer for installation in homes with children and elderly members.

If you have been looking for an air purifier online and have decided upon buying one, head over to the Honeywell website to know more about the tech involved.