Air purifiers used to be a niche product a few years ago, but due to the rise in air pollution, these products have become quite commonplace these days. If you have been putting off your decision to buy a home or office air purifier for some time now, probably it is time to take cue from the dangerous levels of pollutants reported after Diwali this year and buy one now.

Air purifiers have proven to be effective in allergy relief, removal of indoor pollutants, and mitigating factors which can trigger asthma attacks. Air purifiers also reduce the risk of health complications for people with chemical sensitivities as certain air filters can remove chemicals and odours as well.

So how do you choose the right air filtration product for your home? Here is how,

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Why do you need an air purifier?

The crucial question that needs answering before you buy an air purifier is its requirement. If you live in a metro city such as Delhi or Bangalore, then buying an air purifier is a prudent choice.

What kind of coverage area are you looking for?

Air purifiers come with an effective range, which is basically the ambient area the unit can clean. Look for an air purifier for high CADR (clean air delivery rate) even if your area requirements are a bit less than the unit’s effective range. A high CADR will ensure that your home or office gets a constant delivery of clean air.

Are you comfortable with DIY maintenance?

If you have no qualms about doing some do-it-yourself maintenance, opt for a multi-stage air filtration system for your home. These air purifiers come with HEPA and activated carbon filters which protect you and your family from 99% of airborne pollutants. However, air purifiers with filters require filter replacement from time to time. You can look into air purifying products from Honeywell, as they have a very easy to do ‘slot-in’ filter replacement mechanism.

How much are you willing to spend on the air purifier?

While air purifiers used to be costly once upon a time, market penetration has brought about a saturation in their price. Still, if cost is a factor for you, try to go for a product that provides adequate protection rather than something cheap and ineffective.

Are you concerned about the electricity costs?

Several myths have been floating about on the internet that air purifiers can drive up your electricity costs significantly. While this might have been true to a certain extent for the very early models of this technology, today’s air purifiers are quite energy efficient.

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