Cold and dry air-flow increases during winter, thus increasing the risk of upper respiratory infections. This can also lead to increased discomfort for asthma patients. In this post,

we are sharing some tips which can help you avoid asthma attacks and winter infections

  1. Keeping your hands clean, by washing or using a hand sanitizer, is one of the best ways you can avoid winter infections. You can also ask children and adults in your household to do the same for reducing the spread of germs around you.
  2. Vaccination is another great way to boost your immunity during winters. Staying safe from influenza and other viruses will definitely help with your asthma, and you will be able to breathe easy for the rest of the winter season. One thing to note though, people with asthma should get the flu vaccine made with inactive flu virus rather than the nasal spray (which has active flu virus).
  3. Do not sit near fire places and heaters during winters if you have asthma. Heating devices other than oil heaters have health risks of their own and asthma patients may become dehydrated or breathe-in too much smoke, resulting in an attack.
  4. Breathing through your nose is also important as people tend to breathe through the mouth when it’s cold. The nose humidifies the air before it reaches your lungs, whereas breathing through the mouth will only increase your chances of getting a throat infection, which is bad for your asthma.
  5. Exercising indoors during winters is also recommended for asthma patients, since the air is dry and may cause discomfort or trigger an asthma attack.
  6. Buy a home air purifier for protection from indoor air pollution. We advise using a home air purifier with HEPA technology as it does not emit Ozone, a gas which is harmful for humans and animals. Honeywell air purifiers offer comprehensive protection from dust particles and gaseous substances with high-grade HEPA filter and their patented HiSiv technology.
  7. Asthma flares can be reduced by taking your medication timely and keeping your inhaler within reach at all times during winters.

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