When you plan for furnishing your new home, there are a million little things that need your attention. While getting everything right at that time may seem like a chore, the end result always leaves us pleased and happy. In today’s post, we plan to take one of those worries off your hands with our guide for selecting modular electrical products. We will be discussing the 5 essential features that you should look for when buying modular switches and sockets for your home. So, without further ado, let’s get to it.


High-Quality Materials:

The first thing you should be looking at is the type of material that is used in making the switches and sockets. The RoHS standards dictate the use of environment friendly materials in electrical products. So, looking out for that is one thing you can do. Furthermore, modern electrical brands like Honeywell specialize in making fire retardant switches and sockets. These electricals can significantly reduce the risk of electrical fires in home and office settings. So, that’s another thing you should look for when buying electrical switches and sockets.


Customisations and Design Options:

To keep the design flow of your interiors unique and impressive, you will need more than just a normal wall switch and socket. Once again, smart home brands today offer tons of customisation options and choice of finishes in their electrical products. For example, Honeywell MK’s Elements range alone is available in four unique designs and sixteen finishes to match your interior decor. So, pick and choose the modular electrical fittings that complement your home’s colour scheme and wallpaper designs.


Connectivity Features:

The next thing to look out for is the connectivity offered by the wall sockets. Nowadays, most of us have friends and family members living in other countries. Usually, when they come over for a visit, they have to carry or purchase, adapters and extensions to plug-in their smartphones and computers. Modern modular switches offer support for multiple pin-types and can be a huge relief from hassle for them. If you own electrical equipment that was purchased online, then there is all the more reason for getting these new modular wall sockets for your home.


Child Safety:

Electrical safety is a major concern for households with toddlers and young children. Modular switches offer better safety than conventional socket designs for children with retracting shutters and support for RCCBs which can automatically disconnect current flow when accidental leakage is detected. So, this one is a no brainer. Buy modular switches and sockets which are rated for arc shielding and child safety.


Easy Repairs and Replacement:

In its current form, replacing faulty switches is full of hassles. Typically, the entire face plate needs to be unscrewed, then the faulty switch is removed and replaced, and then the face plate is put back in place. Often, removing the face plate can peel off the wallpaper or paint around it, giving an unclean look to your carefully planned decor. New modular electrical switch and sockets offer an easier solution. Instead of removing the whole plate, a faulty electrical switch can be swapped out through a front-loading mechanism that allows easy disconnection of a particular switch or socket on the plate. So, go for modular switches and sockets with front-loading mechanism – because that is what being modular means, right?


So, that concludes our list of tips and features you should look for, when buying modular switches and sockets. To move straight to browsing the best modular switches and sockets online, visit www.honeywellsmarthomes.com.