Buying the right air cooler for your home is certainly going to make your summers much more comfortable. The air cooler technology has changed a lot in recent years and while the basic workings have remained the same, the components have seen an upgrade in terms of quality and performance. That is why, it is important that you look for these critical features when getting a new air cooler for your home.

Indoor air cooler or Outdoor air cooler

In simple terms, the indoor air cooler is a compact version of the traditional air cooler and often comes with caster wheels to move them about easily. These air coolers have a smaller water tank as well to prevent them being overly heavy to move. An indoor air cooler is ideal for small to mid-size rooms.

Outdoor air coolers, often referred to desert coolers, are larger and may require a stand or mount for placement. Traditionally, these air coolers were fixed units but modern designs from brands like Honeywell are adding more portability features to these devices. The outdoor air coolers have a larger tank and are suited for medium to large size rooms.

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Cooling Pad Technology

This is a part which has received a significant upgrade in modern air coolers. Older air coolers use cooling pads or cooling media made from wood shavings and synthetic fibres. These cooling pads have lower water retention capabilities and need higher maintenance. These aspen wood cooling pads are also quite fragile and susceptible to damage during installation. However, these cooling pads are widely available and quite cheap.

Modern air coolers use Honeycomb design cooling pads made from cellulose material. These cooling pads have higher water retention capability, which in turn increases the cooling efficiency of the air cooler. The design is also more durable and does not require frequent replacements when compared to the aspen wood cooling pads. They are slightly pricier but make up for the price difference with their longer service life.

Copper Fan Motor

Copper is a very efficient conductor of electricity and hence offers longer life and low power consumption. When buying a new air cooler, it is better to opt for one which has copper made fan and pump internals.

Ice Cube Tray

A new feature introduced with portable, indoor air coolers; it allows you to add icy water to the tank for quicker cooling. However, adding too much ice can prevent the evaporation from occurring and reduce the cooling. So, use this feature as per directions in the instruction manual or product demo.

Inverter Compatibility

Since air coolers consume way less power than air conditioners, they can be used with inverters. However, not all air coolers will perform reliably on inverters. Locally made air coolers are not as efficient as modern air coolers with copper wiring and internals. Typically, you can run a branded, inverter compatible air cooler like the Honeywell P50 with an inverter for long-lasting cooling during power cuts. A 600VA to 900VA inverter is more than enough to run these air coolers.

Water Level Indicator

A convenience feature, it allows you to know about the water level in the tank without having to peep around through the cooling media and fan grill.

Tower Design

It is a sub-type of the indoor air cooler. If you are living in an urban home with limited carpet area, consider getting one of these tower air coolers for saving space and getting more portability.

Remote Control and Digital Features

Lastly, modern air coolers come with AC-like remote functions and digital control panels that offer convenience and better fan-speed control. The aforementioned Honeywell P50 has both these features.

Honeywell Air Coolers

Now that you know which features to look for, you must be thinking where to get all these features in an air cooler. Well, Honeywell – the renowned international smart home brand – offers some of the best air cooler models in India. Now, you can check out air cooler features and compare Honeywell air coolers by clicking here.

We hope this guide helps you buy the best air cooler for beating the heat this summer.