Technology has surrounded us like never before. Today, each of us have countless gadgets and devices for daily use. From our phones, laptops, and mp3 players to power banks and iPads, all these devices have become indispensable. So, it’s no surprise that we search for quick and easy ways to charge our devices, to a point where a charger is often permanently plugged into sockets. But is it safe to leave our chargers plugged in?

Well the chances of a short circuit are high when you do this. This is because chargers are constantly drawing power even when the power is off. To understand this, you need to know that chargers work by converting alternate current to direct current with the aid of transformer circuits.

Circuits are made of two coils – one small and one large. So, when you disconnect your device from the charger, the smaller circuit stops drawing power but the larger circuit continues the process. So, just pulling out the device does not guarantee a stop in circulation of power. While this doesn’t pose an immediate threat, it can cause problems in the long-term. The threat comes in when power is accumulated in the socket, this can then ignite fabric or wood. And in case of dense moisture in the air, this accumulated power can also cause short circuits in the transformer.

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So now that you know there is a risk, what do you do about it?

One option is to remove your charger each time you disconnect from your socket. But this isn’t very practical since you could be in a hurry and may not forget to take it off or it may be too much of a hassle to remove the charger every single time. That’s why there is a second solution, that is to choose a socket that guarantees complete safety from short circuits even when the charger stays connected. The Midas Electric socket from Honeywell is one such socket. Complete safety, improved connectivity, neutral/earth markings on terminals are just some of the many features of this advanced socket range.

So even if you keep your chargers plugged in the chances of a short circuit or fire are close to none. Investing in these sockets will put your mind at ease with no worries about the safety of your devices or your premises. To know more about the Honeywell range of electric switches and sockets, visit the main product page here.

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