Heat is generally a catalyst for chemical reactions. The heat from the sun during summer months has the temperature touching 50-degree Celsius in some parts of the country. Today, our outdoor environment is so riddled with airborne and static chemical elements that the rising mercury during summers has become a health concern for everyone.

The excessive heat from the sun is breaking down or merging gaseous elements, making the air more toxic to breathe. Then there is the effect of warm and cool air cycles which causes frequent dust storms. Add to that the already high levels of vehicular and industrial pollution and we have a real health hazard at our doorstep.

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Stopping outdoor air pollutants from entering your home

Considering the facts above, safeguarding your home from outdoor air-pollution becomes a priority. Here, we are sharing some measures you can take to stop the environmental pollutants from entering your home during summer.

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Ensuring proper ventilation: since toxic pollutants are entering your home there should be a way out for them as well. Installing exhaust fans and keeping the doors and windows open during early morning hours will help in replacing the air inside your home. However, you should avoid keeping the doors and windows open during the afternoon and evening hours when outdoor pollution is at its peak.

Using home air purifiers: As it is an impossible task to stop air flow, controlling its quality is the next best thing you can do. By investing in a home air filtration technology like HEPA air purifier, you can easily clean over 99% of the ambient air. Honeywell offers some of the most effective home air purifiers in India, which come with HEPA and patented activated carbon filters to remove chemical and gaseous elements from your home.

Using doormats and curtains: These simple invention of mankind can prevent a lot of pollutants from entering your home. Use doormats at the entrances to ensure none of you are bringing in unwanted dust and debris while returning home. Installing curtains made of dust absorbing materials will literally keep a ton of dust, smoke, and soot from entering your home.

Regular dusting: Another simple yet effective way to keep pollution out is to never let it gather in the first place. Dusting and vacuuming of carpets, curtains, and doormats will help in keeping the indoors clean and fresh.

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