Honeywell Air Touch A5 - Air PurifierThe Honeywell Air Touch A5 is one of the best budget air purifiers in India right now because, with the experience of spanning over 5 decades in India, Honeywell has been known for its iconic products and is a trusted global brand. The company has made a significant impact on the Indian air purifier market with its budget-friendly models and the promise of quality. As of this moment, it is hard to find a competitor to Honeywell in terms of product design. Even the entry-level Honeywell air purifier models look classy sitting in your living room.

Below is the review of Honeywell Air Touch A5, a budget home air purifier.

Form Factor and Aesthetics 

As mentioned in the intro, the Honeywell Air Touch A5 air purifier carries company’s minimal and classy design philosophy. The rounded design also serves the practical purpose of child-safety as it has no sharp edges to worry about in case you have a naughty toddler wandering around at home. Both white and gold colors look fabulous and your guests will surely make some inquiries if you have Air Touch A5 sitting in your living room.

Features and User Controls

The Honeywell Air Touch A5 air purifier is an entry-level product, still, the company offers touch controls which adds both functionalities and appeal to the device. An LED air quality monitor tells you of the ambient air quality. It has three levels – red for poor, orange for medium and blue for clean indoor air quality. The touch panel allows you to control the fan speed which offers 3 settings – low, medium and high, and there is a sleep mode toggle which can be used to turn the LED lights off. The sleep mode also enables the auto switch off.

Honeywell Air Touch A5 Performance

The Air Touch A5 uses multi-stage filtration technology for the indoor air filtration process. Ambient air is recycled by passing it through a pre-filter which removes most of the dust, hair, and particles. The pre-filter is washable and generally doesn’t require a replacement. The air then flows through the Highly Efficient Particle Arrestor (HEPA) filter to remove ultra-fine dust particles also known as PM2.5. You may have heard about the rising levels of PM2.5 in Delhi and other metro cities. Well, the Honeywell Air Touch A5 is rated to remove over 99.9% of these particles. You also have an activated carbon filter to remove volatile organic compounds, harmful gases, and room odors.

The A5 has a coverage area of 323 square feet which is more than adequate if you using it in a bedroom of your urban apartment. It takes only 15 minutes for the Honeywell air purifier to work its magic and clean the room air. In terms of electricity consumption, running the A5 costs you even less than a 60 watts bulb.


The Honeywell Air Touch A5 is one of the best budget air purifiers in India Right now. Great design, powerful performance and reliable aftersales service from Honeywell mean you can never go wrong with your purchase.

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