Finalizing the interiors for your new home or setting up a new office space can be one of the most time-consuming tasks. From choice of décor to the quality of equipment, everything needs to be aligned with your vision. A slight deviation and you might end up redoing the whole thing over again.

Well, to help you speed up proceedings in one crucial department, Honeywell MK presents its premium electrical fixtures range for Indian homes and offices.

Especially designed for Indian home décor and style, these modular switches, sockets and electrical systems ensure a seamless transition between your place’s interior elements.

Promise of Quality:

Honeywell is an international brand with its name in the Fortune 100 companies of the world. All Honeywell electrical products are tested for quality and durability before they are offered to consumers. Our electrical products are approved and accredited with highest ISO ratings, bringing along the promise of quality to your home or office.

Superior Design & Aesthetics:

Honeywell’s premium electrical products are available in several colors, designs and configurations. Meaning, you can personalize interior design and aesthetics like never before. Easy on the eye and high on functionality, our premium switches and sockets will set you up for compliments all around.

Enhanced Safety:

The wraparound design of our modular switches and sockets, and enhanced child safety features makes worrying about electrical hazards a thing of the past. We use fire retardant, impact resistant materials to minimize accidental damage. Also, all our sockets and jacks are shuttered and have no exposed parts, ensuring maximum protection for you and your loved ones.


Honeywell electrical also help you raise the green credentials of your establishment with use of RoHS compliant materials in manufacturing. Contribute to the planet’s well-being with every flick of a Honeywell premium switch.

Timeless Perfection:

The unique Snap-On design of Honeywell MK’s premium front plates for modular switches and sockets resists dust and debris. Furthermore, the high-structural stability of our front plates, eliminates stress development, preventing cracks from appearing on your electrical. And, the special UV treatment allows these premium electricals to retain their glossy finish for years to come.

So, wait no more, switch to Honeywell’s low noise premium electrical and give your place the decor it deserves. To browse the complete product range, visit us at