Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) is a condition in which people experience an extreme sensitivity to everyday chemicals that they can be exposed to on a regular basis. This can include anything and everything from paint fumes, building materials, aerosol sprays, hair-styling products, perfumes and even air fresheners. The condition can cause sufferers to experience reactions such as headaches, dizziness, and sneezing.

For MCS sufferers it is nearly impossible to avoid everyday chemicals without trapping themselves indoors. When venturing out from home, there is a potential source of irritation and those suffering from this disorder often feel the symptoms every day. This socially debilitating and often unexplained ailment can be one of the most frustrating and disruptive conditions to live with. Furthermore, chemical triggers inside the house can make live even more difficult for MCS sufferers.

What are the Symptoms and Treatments of MCS?

Common symptoms that MCS sufferers experience include itchy and watery eyes, dizziness, sore throat and even nausea. For people living with this condition, the only hope for relief is to create a chemical-free indoor environment. This requires removing all traces of chemicals from their homes with the help of air purifiers. A boon for MCS sufferers, an air purifier removes contaminants from chemical-infused air and releases much cleaner, safer and breathable air.

Can Air Purifiers Really Help with MCS?

To reduce the possibility of a reaction, MCS sufferers need to either remove themselves from chemicals or remove the chemicals from the air they are breathing. Though, in this practical world contact with airborne chemicals is not completely avoidable but can be abated. Therefore, the role of home air purifiers in the fight against MCS can’t be denied.

Choosing the Right Air Purifier for MCS

The market is full of a variety of home air purifiers and choosing one that is right for people with MCS can be quite challenging. Air purifiers that are designed specifically to remove allergens, chemicals, and VOCs from the air are the ones you should look out for. Here are several of the key criteria you should consider when making a purchase:

  • Use of Premium Plastics:

Certain types of low-quality plastics release gaseous chemicals of their own which may cause irritation even while the air purifier is cleaning the chemicals from air. Therefore, devices which use premium quality plastics (such as the Honeywell Air Touch series) should be your choice of home air purifier for MCS in India.

  • High Volume of Carbon:

To remove a large volume of airborne chemicals for an extended period, you will need an air purifier with a large activated carbon filter.

Moreover, untreated activated carbon is the most common type of carbon used to remove most types of allergy-causing chemicals from the air. To make the carbon more adsorptive, it is treated with additives that can at times aggravate the symptoms of people suffering from MCS.

Premium air purifier brands have their own activated carbon filters such as the Honeywell HiSiv to remove VOCs.

  • High Quality HEPA Filter:

Low-quality HEPA-type filters can use glue or fiberglass components that can emit an odor when in use. A good HEPA filtration system is constructed of materials that don’t affect people with extreme chemically sensitivity. Honeywell uses the highest grade HEPA filters in its products to ensure that there are no side effects for chemically sensitive individuals.

If you or your loved one is suffering from MCS, a high-quality air purifier can be the key to a cleaner and safer environment. You can now buy Honeywell Air purifiers online in India from authorized resellers like Amazon and Flipkart or visit the nearest Croma Retail Store for an offline purchase.

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