Air pollution is not just the layer of smog that descends above a large city in the evenings, visible more apparently during winters. That’s just a form of pollution which is visible to naked eyes. One of the most hazardous forms of air pollution originates in our kitchens..

Air Pollution from Kitchen Activities

Apart from the steam and smoke from cooking activities, many kitchen appliances are also responsible for releasing colorless pollutants. In case, you kitchen is not ventilated properly, these Kitchen Air pollutants may remain suspended inside your home and grow in quantity, day by day.

The pollutants generally found inside a poorly ventilated kitchen are;

  • Carbon monoxide,
  • Nitrogen dioxide,
  • Particulate matter,
  • Formaldehyde,
  • Chlorofluorocarbons, and
  • Acrolein.

The stove is one the biggest sources of pollution inside your kitchen, and responsible for releasing the majority of above mentioned pollutants. Gas burners reportedly contribute to 33 percent of indoor nitrogen dioxide in summers, increasing it to almost 40 percent during winters.Opposed to this, an electric burner is much more efficient and releases much less nitrogen dioxide.

Apart from the burner, the cooking activity itself also releases acrolein due to burning of animal and vegetable fats. It causes itchiness in nose and eyes and may trigger underlying respiratory conditions in your family members.

To ensure that the air inside your kitchen and therefore inside your home is safe for breathing, modernizing your kitchen is very important. Modern kitchen appliances and ventilation systems such as chimneys and exhaust fans ensure that the pollutants are ejected from your home as soon as they are released in the air.

Furthermore, buying home air purifiers also decreases indoor air pollution. Home air purifiers with HEPA filters such as the Honeywell Air Touch series are widely accepted as the best for combating the menace of indoor air pollution in city homes.

Take steps to ventilate your home from time to time, such as opening the windows during early morning hours, using exhaust fans in kitchen and bathrooms, and using mops instead of brooms.

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