Dear Friends,

In today’s world, the buzz word is “Digitization”, irrespective of any form or figure. Mobile and internet has changed every way of life. With “Power on palm and money on fingertips”, the end user or the consumer is the decision maker, which can design the fortunes of the businesses. Customer centric approach has formed the basis of any policies and processes for any organization.

One of the most revolutionized sector in the digital transformation is the service sector. While banking and financial institutions are reaping the benefits of consumer contact, majority of the consumer goods companies have turned to digitization of after sales service, which has drastically improved the customer connect. Call centers / service apps and other digital ways are ensuring that the end user is always getting full worth of the product, with ease of approach. Customer is getting complete / correct information till the resolution of the service call, ensuring full transparency. Organizations are also exercising more stringent controls to ensure customer satisfaction. Feedback and ratings from the end user for products & services are proving to be selling levers against competition.

Keeping pace with the ever-changing market requirement, CLS-PSS (Post Sales Service) team, over the past one year, has created a cost-effective service infrastructure for all the product lines. This includes Call Centers, 19 outsourced HCC (Honeywell Care Centers) covering 35 locations, CRM tool to manage service calls, engineer mobile Apps for productivity and paperless interaction ensuring process speed and transparency.

The increase in customer connect is resulting in call volumes and thus posing the biggest challenge of creating multi skilled (soft & technical) service manpower in adequate numbers, with minimum attrition rate. It is this field force which ensures customer satisfaction by making things happen on ground. Their performance is key to all the digital initiatives. With fast changing product lines, another challenge is to maintain the compatible spares inventory.

To summarize, in the scenario of almost similar product line, after-sales customer experience is providing the cutting edge amongst businesses. CLS-PSS is continuing with process improvements to achieve the goal of “differentiator”.