Environmental pollution is not only affecting the way our ecosystem works but is also causing a range of health issues for humans and animals. In recent years, indoor & Kitchen air pollution has emerged as a leading cause of health issues in metros of India and abroad. Indoor air pollution is caused by pollutants that enter your home from outside and pollutants that are created as a by-product of household activities.

In this post we will be discussing,

Pollutants that originate in your kitchen

  • Nitrogen Dioxide
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Formaldehyde
  • Particulate Matter

Nitrogen Dioxide

A byproduct that is released when cooking food on stoves, NO2 is created due to gaseous combustion at very high temperatures. NO2 is a noxious gas which can cause several breathing related problems. It is especially hazardous for people suffering from asthma and other respiratory ailments.

Carbon Monoxide

We know for a fact that Carbon Monoxide is very harmful if inhaled in excessive quantities. Incidents of CO poisoning are commonly reported by media sources. Carbon Monoxide is created when Carbon Dioxide gets heated and breaks down. It causes headaches and dizziness when inhaled, while longer exposure can also result in unconsciousness or might even be fatal.


Formaldehyde is commonly used in household equipment and adhesives. It is also used in kitchenware and may get released as toxic fume due to the heating of kitchen objects. If the level of formaldehyde crosses 0.1 ppm in our home air, it will start causing health issues such as burning sensations in eyes, nose and throat, nausea and other irritations. Formaldehyde is also a known carcinogen and may cause cancer if you are exposed to it for longer durations.

Particulate Matter

While we know about the Particulate Matter which is present in our outdoor environment, there is evidence that these particles can also be released by the gas burners we use for cooking food. These ultra fine particles of dust and smoke can enter our blood stream and cause nervous system dysfunctions.

Steps for clearing out pollutants from your kitchen

  • Install proper ventilation in your kitchen such as an exhaust fan, chimney, etc.
  • Keep the windows open for cross ventilation when in kitchen.
  • Use kitchenware that is certified to be free from harmful elements.

Buy a Home Air Purifier with HEPA Technology for Protection

HEPA is one of the most advanced home air cleaning technologies available today. International air purifier brands such as Honeywell offer superior quality HEPA filters in their home air purifiers. Buying an air purifier for your home and office can significantly reduce the risk from the air pollutants released by cooking activities.