Honeywell is one of the best air purifier brands in India. Their class-leading technology and product design offers effective protection from air pollution and smog in Delhi and other metro cities of India. Honeywell’s home air purifiers use a 3-stage air filtration technique to ensure that air pollutants do not affect your family and loved ones.

Here are the filters used in a home air purifier from Honeywell:

Pre-filter: A washable mesh filter that removes PM10 particles and larger dust or hair particles from the incoming air. The pre-filter is needed for increasing the life of more advanced air filters, namely HEPA and activated carbon filters – inside the unit.

HEPA Air Filter: High-efficiency particulate air filter is the most effective air filter for removing microscopic dust and debris which very small and invisible to the naked eye. It can remove particles that are 2.5 times smaller than the width of a human hair, also known as PM2.5 particles.

HEPA air purifiers are quite common these days but the quality of the filter also matters when you are buying a home air purifier with this technology. Honeywell uses the highest quality HEPA filters in its home and office air purifiers. These HEPA filters can remove 99.9% of the fine dust particles from the air.

Now to the filter we wanted to talk about in this post.

Activated Carbon Air Filter

Honeywell uses a patented filter known as HiSivTM in their home, office and car air purifiers. It is an activated carbon filter. This is the most advanced air filter in our list, so let’s have a look at function and features of an activated carbon filter.

  • What is an activated carbon filter?

These air filters are made from small pieces of charcoal – generally in a granular or powdered block form – which is extremely porous. The pores in these carbon blocks can absorb a very large number of contaminants.

As the polluted air passes through these filters, organic and gaseous compounds are trapped within the carbon tunnels. Honeywell’s special activated carbon filter is treated with additional chemical compounds to make it even more effective than a regular charcoal air filter.

  • Things removed by activated carbon filters

Charcoal filters remove harmful gases like kitchen smoke, cigarette smoke, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, formaldehyde fumes and other volatile organic compounds from the indoor air. The HiSivTM technology was originally developed by Honeywell to be used in petrochemical plants where the concentration of harmful gases is much higher in comparison to our indoor environments.

Moreover, activated carbon also removes bacterial, fungal and viral elements from the air and takes out foul odor. So, if your home or office is near an area where odours and toxic gases from outside regularly enter the indoor environment, a Honeywell Home Air Purifier with HiSivTM filter can be a useful investment for you.

Life of Air Purifier Filters by Honeywell

Honeywell promises up to 3000 hours of usage before the air purifier filters need replacement. The change, however, may depend on the levels of pollution in your particular case. If you are living in a highly polluted area like Delhi NCR, you may have to keep a regular check on your air purifier filters to ensure that proper maintenance and air filter replacement is done on time.

You can also refer to the high accuracy pollution sensor on your Honeywell air purifier which indicates indoor air quality and lets you know when you need an air purifier filter replacement.