Every year, most parts of Delhi NCR and nearby states are choked by a thick smog during the winters. Vehicular emissions, industrial VOCs and smoke from crop burning are the usual suspects that remain unchecked. So, when a product promises clean air, it evokes our interest.

An air purifier is a smart home appliance that is designed for cleansing indoor air by removing pollutants like odours, smoke, dust, hair and pet dander. A good air purifier can remove up to 99.9 percent of air pollutants. But be cautioned, not every product calling itself an air purifier is as effective as advertised.

So, how do we find out which ones are for real and which ones are a waste of your money? Well, to know that, first we must understand how air purifiers work.

Ioniser air filtration technology

In this type of air cleaners, negative ions are released in the air to attract particles like static and settle them down on flat surfaces. However, these air cleaners often release Ozone as a by-product, which itself is a respiratory irritant.

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HEPA Air Purifier Technology

A HEPA air purifier uses a fan to suck in and re-circulate the ambient air. Before the air is released again in the room, it is passed through a series of filters to clean dust and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The best air purifiers use a pre-filter, a HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter for a 3-stage air filtration process. Moreover, these air purifiers have a 360-degree air-intake to ensure that air from all directions is being pulled inside and filtered.

Among the two air cleaning technologies, HEPA air purifiers are the best and should be your preferred choice. However, to achieve the advertised high-filtration rate, you need to follow some parameters.

Tips for making full use of your home air purifier

  • Several factors come into play when you are using an air purifier, such as placement, installation, flow rate and duration of operation. Here is how you can maximise the benefits of an air purifier for your home and family.
  • Place the air purifier in a location where the in-flow and out-flow of air is unobstructed by walls or pieces of furniture. This little trick can ensure that your purifier cleans the air quickly. For maximum results, buy air purifiers with 360-degree air flow design such as the Honeywell Air Touch Series.
  • Close the doors and windows when using the air purifier. Otherwise, clean air will continue to escape the room and reduce the effectiveness of the air purifier.
  • If you have a high-ceiling house, use wall mounts for air purifiers to ensure maximum reach. You can also place the air purifier on table-tops but make sure that the unit has an anti-fall design to avoid accidental tumbles and damage.
  • Keep a check on the air filters inside to ensure long-term efficiency. Some brands like Honeywell offer Air purifiers with tool-free access to the air filters, ensuring easy maintenance and filter replacement.
  • A good air purifier comes with 3-stage air filtration. There is a washable pre-filter which gathers larger dust particles and two replaceable air filters (HEPA and activated carbon) which gather dust and VOCs. Make sure that you clean the pre-filter once a month, as it will also prolong the life of other filters inside the unit.
  • The HEPA and activated carbon filters are rated for effective operational hours. Keep track of the life of your air filters. High-quality air filters are generally rated for up to 3,000 hours of operation.

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In conclusion

An air purifier does work as advertised, granted you purchase one from a reputed brand and make ideal use of it. Another thing to note is the market presence of the brand. Buying an air purifier from a reputed brand only to find out that it offers no after sales support in your area can leave you with a lighter pocket and a dead product. So, pick and choose your air purifier wisely as it’s a long-term investment for the health and well-being of your family.

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