Heart diseases also known as cardiovascular diseases are among the most common health disorders in our country. While the most common causes of heart diseases are hypertension, rising cholesterol levels and smoking, recent studies have indicated that airborne pollutants can also contribute to serious, and sometimes fatal, cardiovascular damage. Where the former problems, that cause heart diseases, can be addressed through a healthy diet and regular exercise, the latter problems of air pollution have no such workaround.

Common Heart Problems Caused by Air Pollution

When you breathe polluted air, you also breathe in particulate matter which can enter your bloodstream and block arteries or restrict the supply of Oxygen to the heart. These conditions can cause lasting damage to your heart.

  • Very fine particulate matter also known as PM2.5 is a major cause of air pollution in Indian metro cities. Rising PM2.5 levels can cause artery blockage (ischemic heart diseases) or trigger a congestive heart failure.
  • Researchers have found that the presence of nitrogen oxide along with fine particulate matter can also trigger heart problems. Cities having higher nitrogen oxide concentrations have four times higher cases of heart related ailments.
  • Exposure to air pollutants can also cause chronic cardiovascular dysfunction. This also means, people living in smaller cities with less air pollution might also get affected by rising levels of air pollutants – albeit over a longer period and sustained exposure.

The health problems caused by air pollution are a significant challenge for the healthcare sector – especially in countries like India, where pollution is more severe than it is in developed countries. Moreover, harmful pollutants can also enter homes and mix with indoor air pollutants – that is the reason more people are buying home air purifiers these days. Some brands such as Honeywell perform 3stage air filtration to remove all kinds of pollutants that enter your home. Honeywell products have a combination of Pre-filter, HEPA and patented HiSivfilters which are the best indoor air filters available in the market today.

Apart from buying an air filtration system for your home or office, certain precautions such as wearing face masks and avoiding travel in open vehicles can also reduce the health risks posed by air pollution significantly.

Reference for this Article – www.psr.org