Honeywell is one of the Fortune 100 brands, offering a wide range of products and services globally. Honeywell’s air filtration products for home and office are known for their robust performance and come with high quality filters that offer comprehensive protection from pollutants such as PM2.5 and PM10.

Home Air Purifier

Indoor air can be more polluted than the air outside due to the continuous movement of dust, pet dander, ultra-fine particles, kitchen and incense smoke, and volatile organic compounds in our homes. To offer protection from these pollutants, Honeywell offers home air purifiers with HEPA technology. The HEPA filter is rated as one of the most effective air filter in the industry today, and Honeywell uses high grade HEPA filters in its products. Honeywell air purifiers for home also come with a patented HiSiv filter which is used to remove odors and volatile organic compounds from your indoor air.

Honeywell’s home air purifier range begins with the affordable Honeywell Air Touch A5. You can go for higher protection with other products in the Honeywell Air Touch series.

Office Air Purifier

Offices witness constant human activity, people are always walking in or out, which means a lot of pollutants are constantly entering an office space. If you are concerned about the rising pollution levels and want to go for an office air filtration product, Honeywell offers a complete range of office air purifiers as well.

Honeywell Air Touch air purifiers for office come with high clean air delivery rate for fast and efficient cleaning of office air. Click here for a complete list of Honeywell Office Air Purifiers.

Car Air Purifier

A car is also very similar to an indoor space such as our home and office; it might retain pollutants from outside. The filters inside our car’s air vents are not fit for filtering out PM2.5 particles and volatile organic compounds, therefore, Honeywell offers Move Pure Car Air Purifier to address the problem of pollution inside cars. Honeywell car air purifier has a high grade HEPA filter and a double layer activated carbon filter to protect you and your family from harmful Particulate Matter and VOC emissions. The Move Pure Car Air Purifier is ultra-portable and can be mounted on the dashboard, placed on the rear parcel tray or placed under the seats.

Honeywell Face Masks

Honeywell also provides Anti-PM2.5 Comfy Face Masks for protection against particulate matter. Use the mask when you are engaged in outdoor activities during excessively smoggy days. You can buy these masks in combo packs from

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