Is it time to give your new house the finishing touches that will make it a home, a place that you can flaunt among your friends and family? It’s a generally accepted fact that the decor of a home takes more time to get right than the actual structure of the house. Today, people are paying more and more attention to the little details that allows them to create a signature abode – one that embodies their idea of life.


Honeywell’s Elements range of premium electrical switches and wall sockets are an embodiment of that idea. Where previously, home electricals were a thing of mere utility, today they have become an extension of your sense of style and of course safety as well.


Turn on Your Imagination with Honeywell Elements

The Elements range of electrical switches and sockets is now available in four unique effects and sixteen amazing finishes – giving you limitless options for personalizing your home’s décor. Mix and match the Elements styles to give each nook and corner of your home an identity of its own – while retaining the same high-quality and performance everywhere.


Honeywell’s Elements switches and sockets not only add an aesthetic charm and safety features to your home décor but also create a more private space for you with soft-touch click functions. Compared to a regular switch, a Honeywell switch offers much quieter operation – giving you a space where you can be creative or relax without interruptions.


The four themes of Elements switches and sockets are inspired by contemporary styling elements.


  • Synthetics provide an effortless simplicity to your décor, retaining the classic looks and finish.
  • Glass Effects add the sophistication that is the signature of a modern smart home.
  • Metallics represent the exclusive allure that represents class and strength, and
  • Naturals bring to your home the beauty of elements inspired by nature and its delights.


So, give your home a look that inspires and makes a lasting first impression on everyone who visits your place. Create flowing interiors with your choice designs and Honeywell MK’s Elements switches, sockets and home electricals.


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