Honeywell is a global, Fortune 100 organisation with over 80 years of presence in India across multiple industries. Honeywell introduced its range of indoor air purifier in India a year ago. The products use patented filtration technology to secure your home and office from indoor air pollution. Let’s take a look at this technology.

3 Stage Air Filtration for maximum protection

Air purifiers available in the market use either Active or Passive filtration technology for cleaning indoor air. Products using Active air filtration release elements in the air that ionise the pollutants – this might lead to generation of Ozone, which is harmful for both health and environment. On the other hand, products with Passive filtration use media based filters to arrest and absorb the pollutants without releasing any Ozone. All Honeywell air purifier work on Passive filtration technology.

An air purifier’s efficiency depends on the type and number of filters it uses. Honeywell air purifiers use a 3-stage filtration process to remove almost all types of particles and harmful pollutants in the air.

3-Stage Filtration Process:

  • A pre-filter that removes PM10 and larger particles such as pet hair and dander from the air. It is washable & improves the life of the other two filters as well.
  • The HEPA filter which stands for high efficiency particulate air removes PM2.5 particles, virus, bacteria and other microscopic allergens from the air.
  • Finally, the patented HiSiv filter by Honeywell, absorbs VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and other harmful gaseous pollutants.

HiSiv Technology

The HiSiv patented technology consists of Zeolites which absorb organic compounds and certain mineral molecules in gaseous state. Used successfully in hundreds of commercial systems for drying & purifying liquids & gases, Zeolite molecular sieves are universally applicable adsorbents in the process industries.

Zeolite sieves are made from hydrated aluminosilicates which can absorb liquids and gases. Since these Zeolites are synthetically created, their pores can be adjusted for selective absorption of volatile organic compounds.

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Comprehensive range, built to last long

The HEPA and HiSiv filters used in Honeywell Air Purifiers last up to 3000 and can be easily replaced at home, without any professional expertise or tools. Considering 8 hours of usage in a day, the filters need to be replaced every 12 months, but this is subject to the ambient air quality.

Honeywell offers a range of air purifiers with CADR (Clean air delivery rate) of 210 to 700 cu m/ hr. that cover a room size anywhere between 250 sf. Ft. to 1050 sq. ft.


Courtsey a unique design, Honeywell air purifiers have a 3D Air Flow – which allows air to enter from the sides and bottom – releasing purified air from the top to ensure optimum air circulation.

The air purifiers do not have any sharp edges, and have an anti-fall design with zero exposure to filters that ensures there is no risk of injury to your children.