Honeywell is a leader in avionics, thermal control, mechanisms, environmental control and life support systems with 163,000 flight hours in space as of July 2017. We have been a part of every NASA manned space mission, spanning six decades, with 100% mission success. We have the ability to help take humankind into an emerging future beyond Earth with our innovative and reliable technologies. We contribute to many leading space missions by providing the crew with reliable and vital life sustaining support through our vast range of technology.


Some of these areas shared below:

Carbon Dioxide Removal Assembly

The CDRA provides continuous removal of carbon dioxide (CO2) from cabin air onboard the International Space Station. The CDRA employs a two-cycle, four bed regenerative process to selectively remove carbon dioxide from the cabin air. A desiccant bed reduces the humidity of the air stream, allowing more efficient CO2 removal.

Environmental control and life support systems air valves

The ECLSS Valve sets provide Atmosphere Control and Supply (ACS) and Temperature and Humidity Control (THC). The ACS equipment provides for hatch pressure equalization, partial pressure control functions, pressurized element over-pressure and under-pressure protection, and emergency atmosphere venting. The THC equipment provides for positive shutoff of the module-to-module process air distribution.

ECLSS pressure control panel

The ECLSS Pressure Control Panel (PCP) is an integrated pressure and cabin air composition system. The high accuracy quartz cabin air pressure sensor, line pressure sensors, and the O2 and N2 valves provide the air handling options for all mission aspects.

Vast experience in this domain has enabled us to lead in the development of newer air purification and life support technologies for residential and commercial buildings, aircraft, and space shuttles.

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