Stress is harmful for our mental and physical well-being, and there are days when we are so stressed from maintaining a work-life balance that it leaves us feeling a bit off. However, research into the causes of depression, especially for people living in urban areas, points towards another culprit – air pollution.

Stress and depression not only affect our mood and mental health, but in chronic cases they can also weaken our immune system. Chronic stress can combine with air pollution around you to cause mental and physical health issues. Declining air quality has been associated with a loss of productivity in adults and children.

  • Studies show that brain inflammation and hormonal imbalance caused by particulate matter might be a reason behind the rising stress levels in urban .
  • Another important parameter which is affecting our mental health is indoor air quality or IAQ. It has been noted by a Columbia University research that stress and depression during pregnancy can lead to behavioral dysfunction in.

Steps You Can Take for Protection from Air Pollution Induced Depression

  1. Ensuring protection from air pollution is essential for countering depression caused by bad air quality in your home and office. You can start with proper ventilation of your living spaces. Buying home and office air purifier units is also advised, since air filtration products remove 99.9% of particulate matter and gaseous pollutants from your ambient environment.
  2. If you are feeling stretched at work, talking to your superiors or HR manager is advised. You can also convey to them the harmful effects of air pollution on office productivity if you believe that your stress is related to bad IAQ in the office.
  3. Depression can have severe implications if left unchecked, so never hesitate to ask for professional help if you are not feeling and performing well at work and in general.
  4. Sharing your problems with family and friends also helps you in getting out of depressing situations.
  5. Eating a healthy diet and fixing a routine will help you in maintaining a healthy body, which will uplift your spirits and make you happier and pro-active.

Where to buy an air purifier in India?

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