EP Central team organized the Retailers Meet in Jaipur

EP Central Team organized the Retailers Meet in Jaipur.

The Central EP team systematized the Retailers Meet in Jaipur on 21st May 2019.

The event was executed in association with one of the dedicated channel partner M/s Vijay Trading Company, Jaipur.
It was attended by 30 retailers and complete team of Vijay Trading Company.

The event added a big amount of turnover for 2019 and has onboarded 30 retailers and organized the make list as well.

Kudos to Dharmendra Singh Shekhawat, Suraj Mishra, Ajay Verma and Ashish Srivastava who made an innovative initiative by structuring the event in an organized style.

EP South Team organized the Dealer meet at Tiruppur.

Dealers Meet at Tiruppur organized by South EP Team.

The EP Tamil Nadu team structured a well planned Dealer’s meet at Tiruppur on 27th May 2019.
The event had a participation of 45 retailers which are a part of Coimbatore distributor, Vigneshwara traders.
The focus was more on confidence and rapport building with the dealers for Citric & Sentry range and 100 years celebration of MK, considering Tiruppur a prime market.
The Retailer scheme was rolled out at the event as the highlight by the distributor. The event marked an excellent icebreaker for the product portfolio and channelizing the demand of the dealers.

We would like to felicitate the South team for their breakthrough initiative and an exceptional mention to R. Suresh and B. Stalin.

South Team conducted the Electrician meet at Kannur.

South EP Team conducted Electrician Meet at Kannur.

The Kerala EP Team organized the Electrician Meet on 3rd May 2019 in Kannur. There were 35 electricians in total who participated in the event where the product portfolio was demonstrated to the electricians.

Major focus areas of the portfolio was Sentry, MIDAS and Nucleus.

The highlights of the events were exposing the trade business with a higher wavelength in the market which has increased the turn around.

Also, “Electrician Loyalty Program” through the distributor was introduced, where assured gifts will be given to the electricians for achieving their targets.

Hence, evolving the brand and aiming it to achieve a great level of market exposure.

Kudos to Thomas Joshi for commencing the event and making it a successful one!