Most people confuse an air purifier with an air freshener. Where it can be said that an air purifier can freshen up the air inside a room or car cabin; an air freshener cannot be considered an air purifying device.

Let’s see the

Difference in the functioning of an air purifier and an air freshener

An air purifier uses mechanical/electronic function to remove the pollutants from indoor air. By filtering the air through a series of filters, an air purifier removes fine dust particles, volatile organic compounds and other odour inducing gases from the air. As the indoor air quality improves, you feel that the air inside your home or office has freshened up.

On the other hand, an air freshener releases fragrances using aerosol propellants to overwhelm an odour. When, the fragrance suppresses the odour, the air feels fresher, for example; air fresheners are generally used in home, office and public washrooms.

Difference in Indoor Air Quality

While air purifiers make the indoor air cleaner and safer to breathe in, air fresheners are only using a chemical formula to suppress the existing pollutants. This means, an air purifier is only adding more chemicals to the already polluted indoor air.

So, where the air cleaned by an air purifier is healthier, the air freshened by an air freshening product is simply chemically altered air. You can literally feel the difference between the air that has been filtered through an air purifier and the air that has air freshening agents in it. For example; the air inside a room or a public washroom, where air fresheners are used, feels humid due to overcrowding of elements in the ambient environment.

Buying an Air Purifier

When buying an air purifier for freshening the ambient air, you should ask for an air purifier with HEPA filters. International brands such as Honeywell offer air purifiers with the highest grade HEPA filters and also include patented activated carbon filters to remove the odours and harmful gases from the air.

You can buy Honeywell air purifiers online or offline through authorised e-commerce partners (Amazon and Flipkart), and Croma retail stores.