Have you ever been told off by your mum, dad or spouse for not filling up the fridge bottles or the cooler during summers? We bet you have. It is one of the most boring things to do when you could be doing so many cool things during the summer holidays.

Well, here’s a solution to this particular summertime annoyance. Honeywell coolers that can auto-refill the water tank with a continuous water supply.

Where traditionally, a cooler needs water refills every 5 to 10 hours – depending on the heat – these new coolers from Honeywell come with inbuilt auto water shut off valve which stops the flow of water from the mainline once the tank is full. So, simply connect a water line to the cooler’s water inlet and kick back and relax in the cool air without worrying about empty cooler tanks and hot, dry air this summer.

The list of cool features doesn’t end there with Honeywell desert and tower coolers for home and business. Here are the features that make Honeywell coolers a compelling buy for homeowners looking for an economical air-cooling solution.

Incidentally, Honeywell coolers also tick all the boxes in our air cooler buying guide.


All Copper Parts: The use of copper in fan motor, water pump, wiring and interface makes these coolers highly-energy efficient. Honeywell coolers run on inverter power for several hours, making them a godsend when you are facing an extended power cut.

Honeycomb Cooling Media: Honeywell air coolers use honeycomb cooling media made from composite fibres that retain more water within its beehive design. It means less water consumption and better cooling for your home or office.

Ice Tray: Get cool air even when the mercury rises above 40 Degrees Centigrade by adding ice cubes to the water tank. This cooler feature gives you cooling comparable to air conditioners without the higher electricity costs and is a must-have for Indian summers.

Oscillating Louvres: The fan placement and louvre design speak of Honeywell’s mastery in making coolers for a warmer climate. Honeywell coolers provide an even throw of air, cooling down indoors in less time than locally made coolers.

Design and Controls: In Honeywell coolers, you get an international quality device which can blend perfectly with your modern home decor. Moreover, the touch controls for fan speed, water pump, and power make these coolers look like a thing from the future.

So, say goodbye to the summertime hassle of filling up coolers time and again, today, with Honeywell’s latest evaporative air coolers.

Honeywell is a Fortune 100 brand, renowned internationally for its R&D of new, innovative technologies. The company is involved in fields as diverse as aerospace, infrastructure development, industrial innovations, safety & security, productivity solutions, oil & gas, manufacturing and development of performance materials. In India, the company sells fully automatic air coolers, air purifiers, electrical switches and sockets, electrical safety products and home and office security solutions. To know more about the brand, visit Honeywellsmarthomes.com