Honeywell is one of the leading Air Purifier brands in India. The company’s air purifying products can be used for both homes and offices. The company offers air purifiers at many price points giving the Indian consumer the choice to try a product before upgrading.

Honeywell uses a futuristic design in its products, by incorporating minimalism. This approach means that the air purifiers look incredible sitting in a modern living room or bedroom or office cabin. However, the one thing that makes the Honeywell air purifiers stand out is the fact that they are much safer at cleaning the air as compared to the air ionizers.


Some Tips and Tricks to Ensure that your Air Purifier Works Perfectly

  • Place the air purifier unit in a location where the in-flow of air is not being obstructed by an object or a piece of furniture. While Honeywell uses a 360 degree in-flow design to ensure that the air purifier can be placed anywhere, this little trick can ensure that your purifier is efficient and quicker in cleaning the ambient air.
  • Use the air purifier only when the doors and windows are closed, otherwise the air purifier may not be able to clean the air inside your house effectively.
  • The air purifier can be mounted on the wall or put on a table top.
  • Honeywell air purifiers come with a tool-free filter installation. So, you can easily keep a check on the filters inside your air purifier. There is a pre-filter inside the unit, which gathers larger dust particles and is washable. Make sure that you clean the pre-filter once a month, as it will also prolong the life of other filters inside the unit.
  • Keep track of the life of your unit’s HEPA and activated carbon filters. Do read the product guide after buying the air purifier. Replacement filters are easily available on Amazon and from Croma retail outlets. Installation, as mentioned earlier, is tool-free, so there is little chance that you will require any professional assistance. In case you do need help, Honeywell has a good network of after sales support for their air purifiers in India.

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