Summers can get crazy hot in the national capital with the mercury sometimes touching 50 degrees Celsius. These exceptionally hot days bring serious discomfort for the thousands of students living as paying guests or in rented apartments in Delhi NCR. Since student life demands a lot of budgeting, air coolers are the preferred choice of students for getting respite from the heat.

Unfortunately, most paying guest facilities in Delhi are built for maximizing the rental value of the property, which results in very limited living space for students. It also reduces the possibilities of adding their own amenities to the room. Getting full sized air coolers to fit in a hostel or PG room is often difficult, which leads to makeshift arrangements like placing the cooler in the doorway or jamming beds and tables together to make more space.

But nowadays, students can buy small-sized air coolers for PG and hostel rooms. These compact air coolers are highly portable and can be placed in a space as small as one square foot. Here is our take on the Honeywell P30, a small sized air cooler that can fit every student’s needs.

Compact design, tower-shaped air cooler that fits in small rooms

The Honeywell P30 measures 35.5 cm x 35.5 cm x 110.5 cm, which makes its base just a pinch over 1 square foot. The tower-shaped air cooler can be easily placed near a window without taking up much space. But do not be mistaken by the compact form factor. The oscillation louvers on the air cooler spread air evenly through space up to 280 sq. ft.

Made highly portable by the castor wheel attachments

The air coolers comes with sturdy caster wheels which make it very easy to move it around the room. Students can even store it in a corner when not in use. Also, if there is no space near the windows, cross ventilation can be ensured by placing the air cooler just inside the doorway – without blocking the entry.

Large water tank, honeycomb cooling media – better cooling

The Honeywell P30 has a 30-liter tank that is ideal for student use. It easily lasts 4-5 hours and can be quickly filled up with a bucket or two of water. Also, the tank volume keeps the overall weight low, so the cooler can be moved about without any difficulty.

Unlike a locally made air cooler, the Honeywell air cooler uses honeycomb cooling media made from wool and composite materials. This cooling media absorbs and retains more water per-cycle, hence improving the cooling efficiency – which is especially helpful when the heat waves are in full swing.

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An energy saving air cooler that can run on the inverter

The Honeywell P30 uses very less power to run due to the use of copper components by the company. So much so that the air cooler can be easily run on the inverter for a few hours. But even if a PG doesn’t have provisions for power backup, the air cooler can help students save more on monthly electricity charges. So, it is a win-win in both cases.

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Looks cool!

Until now we have been all about the functionality of the Honeywell P30 but being a student also means having an eye for a nifty gadget. This tower-style air cooler from Honeywell comes with touch controls, a minimalistic, elegant stance, and classic black and white color scheme, which makes it a cool addition to your room and is sure to impress your mates.

Concluding thoughts

The Honeywell P30 is available for purchase on leading e-commerce platforms like Amazon. The air cooler costs slightly higher than a locally made air cooler but the better cooling efficiency, compact design, and energy saving components make it a worthy purchase. Also, PG students often club together for expenses, which makes sense when buying a product like an air cooler – so that should not be a problem. So, in our opinion the Honeywell P30 is the best air cooler for students and individuals living in small, rented accommodations in the NCR.

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In case you are looking for something more compact or want bigger tank capacity, you can also check out the Honeywell P10 and Honeywell P50 air coolers at