It is hard to get an idea about the quality of a product when shopping online. Although e-commerce websites have a rating and review section, but reading one bad review is enough to discourage us from trusting the product or service. Also, while most products have a description, they often come with a caveat that says “images are for depiction only, actual product may vary”.

If you too are in a dilemma about the price and quality while shopping for air coolers online, we have some real insights to solve that problem for you.

Trust in the brand:

When we are shopping online, products from a familiar brand name inspires trust. So, that’s how we began our search for a home air cooler online. After browsing a bit, the brand we chose was Honeywell. The company is a global smart home product maker and a pioneer innovator. It seemed like a natural choice since we are already familiar with Honeywell’s air purifiers, having reviewed several models in the past and always coming away impressed.

Components and Product Design:

The second thing that makes an impression on online buyers is the promised efficiency and durability of a product. For an air cooler buyer there are several things which span this area, such as, the quality of plastics used for the body, the type of fan and pump motors and cooling media.

We say this because many mainstream brands are still using inferior quality plastics, aluminum motors and aspen cooling pads. But over the years, the evaporative air-cooling technology has seen major improvements in terms of components and product design. The Honeywell P50 air cooler we bought for our living room is an ultimate example of such product innovation.

For starters, its tower shaped design is a far cry from the bulky air coolers we are used to seeing. The P50 takes a little over one square foot while providing better cooling than your average evaporative air cooler. Its oscillating louvres distribute cool air evenly through the room, no matter where you place it. The P50 uses Honeycomb Cooling Media made of composite water absorbing materials – which is miles ahead of the aspen cooling pads – both in terms of cooling and service life. Moreover, the air cooler has a copper motor in the fan, which is more durable and energy efficient at the same time. Lastly, the elegant design and a digital control panel with remote control make the P50 air look at home in our modern setup.

Inverter Compatible Air Cooler:

Power usage is another major concern of people looking for home cooling solutions. As we mentioned above, the Honeywell P50 is made highly energy efficient by its copper components and electrical wiring. This means that you can run this air cooler on inverter power and stay cool when there is an extended power cut. If you are using a home solar setup like us, then the Honeywell P50 air cooler is among the few products which can run on solar power without problems.

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Concluding thoughts

With a 50-liter tank capacity, the Honeywell P50 ensures that you don’t have to wake up in the middle of night to refill the cooler tank. This is an all-rounder product which is competitively priced. It also makes us recommend Honeywell as our choice for the best air cooler company in India in terms of price, quality and features.

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