If this is the first time you have heard about antibacterial switches and sockets, here is an explainer for you. Antibacterial switches and outlets are made from plastic materials which contain silver ions. It is not just a layer or coating of antibacterial materials. These switches and sockets are specially treated during the production process itself.

The silver ion treatment acts as an effective barrier against microorganisms like bacteria, viruses and other microbes – effectively stopping their growth.

Why Antibacterial Electrical Switches and Sockets?

The next natural question that a homeowner looking for best quality electrical products for his/her home will be why would you need antibacterial switches and sockets? Well, electrical switches and sockets are operated through physical touch, which means a lot of people are going to come into contact with them during their lifetime. Which in turn increases the possibility of bacterial or viral residue being left on an electrical switch by an affected person. Even using greasy hands may lead to some kind of microbes generating on the switch or socket surface. This is most apparent by the discoloration of switches and sockets over time. So, in essence, antibacterial switches and sockets prevent these microorganisms growing and finding a new host.

Modern electrical switch manufacturers like Honeywell MK offer antibacterial electrical switches and sockets that come with added child safety features. As parents are always extra careful about children getting near electricals in home, these modular switches and sockets add an extra layer of protection in a home.

The antibacterial materials ensure that a child’s developing immune system is kept safe from all kinds of microbial infections. Indeed, studies of antibacterial products have found out that these products are highly effective in limiting the growth of bacterial and viral elements inside a place.

Also, child safety features like fully covered front plates and shuttered sockets ensure safety from accidental hazards like shocks and electrocution.

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Moreover, antibacterial switches and sockets are not just good from child health and safety perspective. They offer similar protection for adults and elderly members of the household as well. So, buying antibacterial electrical switches and sockets is a very prudent investment for the health and happiness of your family.