Summer is the favourite season for a lot of people. However, Indian summer is infamous for its heat and with pollution on the rise, the temperatures can get unbearable. While air conditioners are quite helpful, they are limited in their use as they are fixed and only meant for indoor use. Air coolers, on the other hand, can be used outdoors and are portable making them more versatile.

One of the challenges of having an air cooler in the past was their inability to filter the incoming air. However, the Honeywell range of indoor and outdoor air coolers come with the feature of air filters that ensure clean and fresh air. The Honeywell air coolers are evaporative air coolers which take in the warm air from the area surrounding it and pass it through the honeycomb cooling pad in the device converting the warm air to clean and fresh air. The unique design of the honeycomb cooling pad ensures that the incoming air is rid of any impurities. The water-soaked cooling pads absorb the heat and impurities from the warm incoming air. As the warm air passes through, evaporation occurs, removing the heat from the air. The cooled air is pushed out of the cooler by a powerful fan into the room.

Why Honeywell Air Coolers?

Investing in an air cooler this summer might be a good idea as they are more energy efficient and cost effective than air conditioners. Now, with the added feature of incoming air filtration, the Honeywell air coolers can be called the best air coolers for summer in India. You can get Honeywell air coolers online at very competitive prices for both indoor and outdoor use. The air coolers consume low energy while providing moisturized and cool air. With an effective cross ventilation setup, these coolers can provide cooling comparable to air conditioning.

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