Indian homeowners have always preferred air coolers over air conditioning because it is more economical to acquire, run and maintain an air cooler. With the summer temperatures boiling over average, buying an air cooler can bring the much-needed respite for you and your family.

However, poorly maintained air coolers can develop a musty smell over time due to the water getting stagnant. An effective solution is to clean the air cooler regularly and draining the water when the cooler is not in use for extended periods – such as when you are going on a summer vacation.

Another reason why an air cooler may develop a stink is the polluting of the cooling pads. While aspen cooling pads in older desert coolers will require a replacement in this instance, the honeycomb cooling pads in newer air coolers from Honeywell can be washed with a hose to clean them. On a side note, the honeycomb cooling media is more effective at keeping dust and pollution out and provides better cooling than aspen cooling pads.

Lastly, the design of the air cooler also matters. Locally made air coolers are often poorly designed, having a lot of gaps and spaces between the detachable walls and the cooler body. So, insects and small animals like rats and lizards may climb inside the cooler and pollute the water, leading to the aforementioned stink. To prevent this, buy a modern air cooler that comes with closed body design such as Honeywell air coolers.

Advantages of New Honeywell Air Coolers for Home and Office

  • Honeycomb cooling media which keeps dirt, grime and pollution out.
  • Closed body design with continuous water supply option to keep the water from polluting.
  • Hassle-free operation with remote control and digital control panel.
  • Copper components that reduce electricity usage and last longer than their aluminium counterparts.
  • Super portable design which makes moving and cleaning the air coolers easier than ever.

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