Air coolers and tower fans are cooling devices with very different mechanisms – which means their efficiency differs as well. Where an air cooler uses the scientific principle of evaporation to cool the incoming air, the fan uses an impeller and blades to simply provide a throw of air.

How an Air Cooler Works?

An air cooler uses a combination of a fan and watered cooling mediums to pull hot air from outside. As the hot air passes through the mediums, the water absorbs the heat and evaporates, leaving cool air to be pushed out by the fan.

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How Fans Work?

Instead of cooling the air itself, fans circulate air inside an ambient space. Circulation of air speeds up the evaporation of sweat on our body, hence giving a cool feeling.

So, where a fan is only circulating the air, an air cooler is actually providing cool air for relief from hot weather. This makes an air cooler much more efficient in cooling an indoor environment. Moreover, where a fan can provide limited circulation of air, an air cooler consistently throws cool air and brings down the temperature.

What is a Tower Fan?

A tower fan is a tall, tower-like fan with a rotating base. It has inlets on the side to pull air. Tower fans blow air at a 90-degree angle which allows them to cover a wider area. Most tower fans also come with a basic dust filter as well. Tower fans are more compact in design due to their simpler mechanism.


Air Cooler Vs Tower Fan 


Air Cooler

Tower Fan

Cooling Method Uses a fan to pull air through cooling mediums which are watered from an in-built storage tank using a small water pump. Uses a simple fan mechanism which has cylindrical impeller blades for air delivery at 90-degrees.
Cooling Efficiency Provides cool air. Simply circulates the indoor air.
Design & Portability Slightly larger than tower fans but highly portable indoor air cooler models are available. Sleek design due to simpler technology, portable.
Power Usage Very power efficient cooling device. Consumes less power than an air cooler.
Dust Filtration Efficient dust and pollen filtration by the wet cooling media. Some tower fans come with a pre-filter for dust removal.
For Use In Air coolers are ideal for use in hot and dry weather conditions – like that of India – as they also humidify the air. Tower fans are ideal for use in cooler, humid areas as they do not offer much cooling on their own.
Pricing Low priced in comparison to air conditioners. Low price.


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As you can see by the comparison, an air cooler fares much better all things considered for Indian weather conditions. The price advantage of tower fans is simply not enough when we consider the huge difference in cooling efficiency of the two products. As for the highly portable indoor air coolers mentioned above, you can check out the recently launched Honeywell air coolers which offer highly-efficient cooling media, copper components and a portable design.

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