Air coolers are our go-to solution for beating the heat during summers. When you buy a branded cooler, you expect it to perform better than a locally made unit. While branded products come with an assurance of quality parts and materials, there is one component which makes them an attractive buy – the trust in the brand’s name and its after sales service.

For instance, if a locally made, iron air cooler develops a problem, there is little you can do apart from getting it repaired at a cost. Sometimes, if a major component has malfunctioned or the cooler body develops leakages, you may have to buy a new cooler altogether. In contrast, a branded cooler comes with a warranty and after sales support that covers manufacturing defects for at least one year.

If, after reading the myths about air coolers and comparing coolers with ACs, you have decided to go for one, we have a recommendation.


Honeywell Air Coolers

These indoor and outdoor air coolers are among the best designed coolers on sale in India. So much so that they can be used for setting benchmark for every air cooler buying guide out there. Honeywell is known for its international credentials in terms of product design and ease of use. Honeywell air coolers are made using the best, most durable materials such as high-quality plastic body frames, copper motors and wiring and honeycomb cooling media.

The focus on quality not only makes Honeywell air coolers a class-leading product that provides better cooling but also extends the usable service life of the unit. Moreover, Honeywell has a call centre to help you with immediate warranty repairs in the rare case of manufacturing defects and equipment failure.

Honeywell coolers and other products are available for purchase on leading online platforms like Amazon and Flipkart, and you can also buy the coolers from Honeywell at your nearest dealership.


How to claim warranty on a Honeywell product?

For warranty information and scheduling a repair, you can call the Honeywell toll-free number 1800-103-4761 or DM to their twitter handle @Honeywell_India.


Honeywell is a Fortune 100 brand, renowned internationally for its R&D of new, innovative technologies. The company is involved in fields as diverse as aerospace, infrastructure development, industrial innovations, safety & security, productivity solutions, oil & gas, manufacturing and development of performance materials. In India, the company sells fully automatic air coolers, air purifiers, electrical switches and sockets, electrical safety products and home and office security solutions. To know more about the brand, visit