When we buy a smart home product, we expect it to improve our lives by providing utility or healthcare. Nowadays, smart home devices such as air purifiers are finding popular use with Indian homeowners due to the rising air pollution in metro cities. However, the technology is relatively new in India and therefore many buyers do not know about ways to properly maintain their air purifiers.

Honeywell offers one of the best home and office air purifiers in India. The brand has an international presence and ranks among the Fortune 100 companies globally. If you have been using a Honeywell air purifier for your home or office, here is how you can ensure that it keeps working at highest efficiency.

Washing the Pre-Filter

Honeywell air purifiers come with a washable pre-filter. You can remove the pre-filter by opening the unit (read the product manual) and sliding it out. The pre-filter captures larger dust and hair particles to protect the HEPA and HiSiv filters.

A clogged pre-filter may reduce the inflow and outflow of air. Cleaning or washing the pre-filter once in a while will ensure that your air purifier’s clean air delivery rate (CADR) remains high.

Replacing HEPA and HiSiv Filters

The HEPA filter is the mainstay of an air filtration unit. It can remove particles that are several times smaller than the diameter of a human hair. Every HEPA filter comes with recommended life hours, after which it needs to be replaced. Honeywell uses top-quality air filters in its home air purifiers, offering up to 3,000 hours of operation before needing replacement.

Every Honeywell air purifier has a notification system to let you know when it’s time to replace the filters. Read the instructions manual carefully to find out how your device’s notification system works.

Timely maintenance of your home air purifier will ensure clean air for everyone and protect your family and friends from the harmful effects of indoor air pollution. Also, when the air filters are cleaned and replaced regularly, the stress on its fan is reduced, ensuring a long-lasting performance by the unit.

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