Electrical switches and sockets provide the primary interface for all our electrical needs. In doing so, they become an important part of our home or office’s interiors. Yet, these devices have been traditionally ignored during interior decor planning. There are a couple of reasons for it – one, electricals were considered as a part of utility rather than decor planning. Two, there was little to no difference between the switch and socket designs from different manufacturers. All that has changed with the introduction of modular switches and sockets.


Modular switches and sockets have become popular in a very short span of time. Partly, this is due to the fact that an upgrade to home electrical design was long due. Here, we are sharing the advantages that modular electrical offer over the conventional switch and sockets installed on wooden plates.


Adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your interior decor

Modular switches and sockets have become first-choice for new home owners and offices due to their stylish design. For example, in contrast to conventional designs, modular switch and socket range from Honeywell MK gives you hundreds of customization options. These are not simply different colour options that we are talking about but different materials, finishes and designs. To get an idea, check out the Honeywell Elements range here, which offers four unique finishes (synthetics, glass effect, metallics, and naturals) with sixteen customizations.


Makes your home safer from electrical hazards

The major advantage of modular switches and sockets over conventional ones is safety. Modular electrical products are made from fire redundant materials and come with child safety features like shuttered sockets. These products are also environmentally safe and easy to recycle due to RoHS compliant manufacturing processes. Modular switches also cover the arc, i.e. the spark you see sometimes when turning on a switch on, with a front-loading plate design. If you have children at home it is a good idea to go for modular switches and sockets.


Multi-plug support with high-performance

Modular switches allow you to connect all kinds of plugs without having to attach country specific adapters. This can be of huge convenience if you own electrical products from overseas or have relatives abroad who come stay at your place. Modular switches and sockets also offer flexible installation, as they can be affixed in any orientation (up, down, or sideways). The aforementioned front-loading allows you to easily switch the orientation even after the primary installation. Also, modular switches and sockets can withstand higher voltage and power draw, making them ideal for running appliances like hot plates, boilers, room heaters, etc.


Long-lasting efficiency

Often, we see the spring mechanism in electrical switches going faulty after a while. But, international brands like Honeywell are known for their stringent quality control. You can get more than 1,00,000 actuations from a branded modular switch, which cannot be said for a conventional switch with confidence.


Concluding thoughts

Modular switches and sockets are definitely better than conventional electricals with their hidden screws, anti-weld design, smooth and silent operation, and shuttered sockets. Moreover, the customization options offered by these products make them far superior than conventional switches and sockets. So, make the right choice and get modular switches and sockets for your new home or office setup.


For starters, you can browse the complete catalogue of Honeywell Electricals at www.honeywellsmarthomes.com.