Honeywell is a trusted global brand, and one of the Fortune 100 companies. In India, the company has been actively working on bringing awareness about air pollution and its harmful effects for some time now. Recently, Kareena Kapoor Khan joined the company’s air pollution awareness campaign as its brand ambassador. In order to make the home air filtration technology more affordable, Honeywell has launched the Air Touch A5 home air purifier.

Build Quality and Design

Build Quality and Design

Honeywell’s experience as a global brand is quite apparent in its product designs. The Air Touch A5 is no exception and has one of the most striking design in its segment. The elegantly curved polycarbonate shell is a departure from the boxy air purifiers doing rounds in the market.

Features and Performance

Features and Performance of Honeywell Air Touch A5

Given the fact that it is an entry level air purifier, the Honeywell A5 has an interesting touch enabled instrumentation for controls and information. The Air quality indicator uses a smart ring around the power toggle that changes colour based on the air quality – red for poor, amber for medium and blue for good. Apart from that, the controls are simple, offering toggles for fan speed control and a sleep mode. The sleep mode disables all lights and lowers the fan speed for a near silent operation during night time.

The air purifier also has a child lock which disables the settings cluster in case you have a kid with curious little feet around.

On the performance front, the A5 uses a passive air cleaning technology which uses air filters. There is a pre-filter for removing PM10 particles and a HEPA filter which can remove particles as small as 2.5micrometers. The pre-filter is washable while you need to replace the HEPA filter after about 3000 hours of use. Additionally, the purifier also contains an Activated Carbon filter for removing ambient odours, VOCs and harmful gases.

The Honeywell Air Touch A5 has an effective coverage of 323 square foot for a standard ceiling height of 9 feet, and can clean the area in 15 minutes time, at full speed. The high clean air delivery rate (CADR) of 250 cubic metres per hour makes the A5 an ideal choice for small bedrooms and living rooms.


Maintenance costs of Honeywell products have always been low. The A5 doesn’t consume too much electricity and therefore, won’t impact your electricity costs in any significant way. The consumes electricity equivalent to 2-3 CFL bulbs. The replacement HEPA + Activated Carbon Filter is easily available from online and offline resellers and is competitively priced at Rs. 2990. The good thing with Honeywell air purifiers is their slot-in mechanism that enables a do-it-yourself, tool-free installation of filters.

In Conclusion

The Honeywell Air Touch A5 is a very good choice for anyone looking for an affordable air purifier for their home or office. If you are still in a dilemma about the technology’s effectiveness, you can also buy the product to see the effects of air purifiers on ambient air quality in your house. To sum it up, the Honeywell Air Touch A5 offers effective protection against pollution at an affordable price in an elegant package.